Friday, June 8, 2012

Endukante Premanta Movie Review, Karunakaran's Brand Style Missed

 Ram, Tamanna starrer Endukante Premanta has hit the big-screens worldwide today on 8th June, 2012. Karunakaran has shaped up Endukante Premanta as a feel good romantic entertainer.  
Film: Endukante Premanta  
Starring: Ram, Tamanna
Director: Karunakaran
Producer: Sravanti Kishore
Banner: Sri Sravanthi Movies  
Music: G V Prakash Kumar  
Release Date:06-08-2012

An aimless, happy go luck guy Ram goes to Paris on business purpose and there he realizes that he was sent intentionally by his father (Sayaji Shinde) to teach him seriousness, discipline in life. One day, he falls in love with Indian Ambassador's (Suman) daughter Sravanthi (Tamanna). She was very protective by her dad and his security irritates her. One day, Sravanthi slips from home and seeks help of Ram to travel to India. Here comes a shocking twist to the tale and What happens next is to be watched on screen.

 Endukante Premanta is a complicated storyline which deals with illogical elements. In a way it is a romantic fantasy. Director failed to get the perfect balance between fantasy and reality. The film is illogical throughout. Despite offering few entertaining scenes here and there the film falls short of entertainment. Director didn’t do much homework on the script and it is evident in each and every scene. None of the scenes touches you.

Love story is half baked. The chemistry between the lead pair is absolutely absent. May be the storyline doesn’t demand intimacy between the lead pair, but that doesn’t mean love should be non-existent. Endukante Premanta is inspired from the film Just Like Heaven. Director failed to adopt it to our style. Due to lack of proper work on the script it falls flat. On a whole Endukante Premanta is a badly done film with half baked story.

Hero Ram is amazing and lived up to his tag of energetic star. His dances, comedy timing and expressions are a delight to watch. Tamanna has done a brilliant job in-terms of performance and she is looking gorgeous onscreen. Sayaji Shinde is hilarious and his dialogue delivery evokes smiles. Anu Hassan is splendid and offers good support. Krishna Bhagawan, Suman, Satya Krishnan,
Brahmanandam are routine in their limited roles. Rishi has been very impressive.

Prakash Kumar’s music was a letdown. Much needed Melody was completely missing. Background score was not up to the mark. Editing could have been better. Cinematography was an asset. Andrew’s camera work stands out. Dialogues were neat. Karunakaran, who is known for making feel good romantic entertainers, faltered this time. Story and screenplay were the weak links. The director in him could have lifted the spirits but somehow brand Karunakaran was absent in this film.


1. Tamanna look and preformance 2. Ram performance in action sequences and dance Cinematography

Negatives: Boring first half Songs Resemblances of several films

Final Analysis: This movie is mainly aimed at A class audience who also does n’t seem to get convinced with it. The Box office potential of the movie is in serious doubt.Except for few funny sequences, the film offers nothing to any section of audience. Watch Endukante Premanta for brilliant performances from the lead pair Ram and Tamanna and if you like different love stories.


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