Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mega Star Chiranjeevi Comments on Rajamouli

Compliments are showering on director SS Rajamouli for his recently released film 'Eega'. Rajamouli received a special appreciation from star director Shankar the other day when the later has seen the
movie in Chennai and felt that the film is technically brilliant.

But the biggest compliment was given to Rajamouli by none other than Mega Star Chiranjeevi. Actor turned politician Chiranjeevi said that 'Eega' is the pride of Telugu film industry. Rajamouli informed this news on this twitter account stating “Chiranjeevi garu called. Boy am I thrilled!!!

Actually he texted me 2 days back frm a new number and I ignored it thinking it was some fake name. I felt very bad but he just brushed it off. "eega is the pride of TFI" are his words.. Flying higher and higher...:) ”. So, a call from Chiranjeevi made this 'Eega' director to fly higher and higher.


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