Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh Deleted Scenes and Missing Dialogues

Deleted Scenes in Gabbar Singh Movie

1. Blurred the visuals of Ashoka Emblem on the belt while using the belt for hitting the goons during Kabbadi game.
2. Deleted the word Kasai.
3. Blurred the visuals of Police Symbol, Ashoka Emblem, Abdul Kalam’s photo and Police Officers photo in the song “Mandhu Babulam”.
4. Deleted the dialogue: “Dheenemma thalli kuda thedana” during climax.
5. Replacement of dialogue “Aaku endipovadam kanna chirigipovadam better” with “Aaku endipovadam kanna edho aipovadam better”.
6. Deleted dialogue: “Nee Ayya” uttered by Ali during Kabbadi scene.
7. Deleted the word “Geekalegaani” from dialogue “Meeru geekale gaani ration card aina theeseskuntam”.
8. Deleted the word “Thagulukuntaru” delivered by Pawan Kalyan to Gayatri.
9. Deleted the visuals of girl taking out mobile from Blouse and dialogue “Meeku chupisthe chaala” and “Incoming free” during Hastha Kalaa    Pradharshana scene.
10. Blurred the close up exposure of cleavage during kevv keka song.

Missing Dialogues in Gabbar Singh Movie

1. Life lo rendu vishayaalalo jagrattha ga undali, okati naatho matladetapudu, rendu naatho potaldetappudu.
2. Villain: Nuvu simham tho pettukunnavani gurthunchuko.
3. GabbarSingh: Neelaanti simhaalu jinkala daggaro, kukkala daggaro prathaapam chupinchali gani…. Naa laanti veta gadu edhuru vachinapudu vollu daggara pettukovaali.

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