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Prabhas Rebel Movie Wallpapers, Rebel Movie First Look Wallpapers

Prabhas Rebel Movie First Look Photos, Rebel Movie First Look Stills, Rebel Movie Trailer, Prabhas Rebel Movie wallpapers, Rebel Movie Wallpapers, Prabhas Rebel Movie Trailer, Prabhas Rebel Movie HD Wallpapers, Prabhas Rebel High Quality Photos, Prabhas Rebel Movie
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Prabhas Rebel Movie First Look Photos

Prabhas Rebel Movie First Look Photos, Rebel Movie First Look Stills, Rebel Movie Trailer, Prabhas Rebel Movie wallpapers, Rebel Movie Wallpapers, Prabhas Rebel Movie Trailer, Prabhas Rebel Movie HD Wallpapers, Prabhas Rebel High Quality Photos, Prabhas Rebel Movie

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Prabhas at Tuneega Tuneega Platinum Disc Function Photos

MS Raju Son Sumanth Ashwin's Tuneega Tuneega movie platinum disc function photos, Prabhas Tuneega Tuneega Platinum Disc Function Stills, Prabhas Tuneega Tuneega Party Photos, Prabhas Latest Photos

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Rajamouli's Eega 3D Releasing in 5 Languages

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The buzz that ‘Eega’ has been creating has been reaching new territories and new records. So far, the Telugu and Tamil versions have been received very well. Just recently it was reported that the Hindi version will also be there by December and that too in the 3D format. It is titled as ‘Makki’.

But here is another addition to it. The 3D version of ‘Eega’ is coming to south as well. Yes, news is that the makers have decided to release the up close version in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada as
well. As such, the cost to be incurred for this move may not be much because it is only the visual aspect which has to change.

If this is true then this will answer all those who were commenting on whether ‘Eega’ will have repeat audience. On the other hand, the film will get enough muscle to race for the top grosser slot in Tollywood.
Well, it is time again to start speculating on whether ‘Eega’ will take on ‘Gabbar Singh’ or not.

Billa 2 Movie Review, Watch Only For Ajith

 Billa 2 Review, Ajith Billa 2 Review, Billa 2 Ratings, Billa 2 1st Day Public Talk, Billa 2 Public Review, Billa 2 All websites ratings, billa 2 movie review, billa 2 movie 1st day collections, billa 2 1st day openings, billa 2 box office collections

Film: Billa 2
Timesofap Rating:3/5
Starring:Ajith, Parvathy Omanakuttan, Bruna Abdullah, Vidyut Jamwal
Director: Chakri Toleti
Producer:Suresh Balaje, George Pius,Sunir Khetrapal
Banner: IN Entertainment
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Billa 2 starts with Thala mouthing the famous dialogue about carving his own life every day, every minute and every second… One should have got the strong hint for what is to follow… the feeling one may get from watching Billa 2 is similar to staring at the seconds hand of your clock for 2 hours straight.
The suspense is finally over. The hype and hoopla has receded as the first show of Billa 2 is done and dusted. The question that immediately pops up in one’s mind is whether the movie is worth a watch? Does it match its first part? The answer could be a yes, but partially.

Billa 2 is a prequel to Ajith’s 2007 film Billa which was directed by Vishnuvardhan. The new edition is directed by Chakri Toleti who has wielded the megaphone for Unnaipol Oruvan.The film traces the history of a dreaded gangster David Billa and finds out the reasons behind his transformation from an ordinary man to a warlord.

Pravathy Omnakuttan and Bruna Abdullah play female leads while Bollywood stars Sudhanshu Pandey and Vidyuth Jamwal are cast as baddies. Music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja and cinematography by R D Rajasekar.The movie relies heavily on Ajith. With a wafer-thin storyline, at places events unfold quickly to sustain our interest. Produced by Sunir Khetarpal, George Pius and Suresh Balajee, Billa 2 is strictly for Ajith fans


The bloody civil war in Sri Lanka forces David Billa (Ajith) to seek asylum at a refugee camp in Tamilnadu. He is an angry young man, who speaks little and ensures his action does the rest.His upright ways incurs the wrath of policemen and David Billa is forced to find himself in difficult situation. But he uses his brains and his physical strength to overcome the odd situation.

Soon he comes into contact with men involved in mafia. As events unfold, David Billa aspires to become a don involving in illegal trade. He meets Abbasi (Sudhanshu Pandey), a mafia shark in Goa.He helps him out in a difficult ‘deal’ and wins his heart. The pordinary young man slowly movies towards his mission. After making a beginning to his dream, he embarks on a trip to Georgia where he meets an international don Dmitri (Vidyut Jamwal).

Soon David Billa and Abbasi part ways. Now Billa moves further to build his own empire. All hell breaks loos and there is loos of many lives eventually leding to a showdown between Billa and Dmitri.Now Billa decides to announce his arrival.Several hurdles come his way including Dmitri himself. How he accomplished the task is the rest.


Ajith manages to do what he did to his best in Billa. He shoulders all responsibility to deliver a convincing performance. he is a revelation to watch in action sequences.
Interestingly the punchlines, penned by Era Murugan, draws huge applause in theatres. Parvathy and Bruna appears and disappears. They end up losing their lives. Vidyut Jamwal as Dmitri is good.
His encounters with Ajith are nice. However he looks lost in the film at many places. Sudhanshu is at ease playing a interesting character. The cast also includes Manoj K Jayan, Rahman, Ilavarasu and Sriman.

Rajasekhar’s camera speaks a lot in Billa 2. Be it Goa, Chennai or Georgia, he captures them well. Yuvan’s music is a letdown. He manages to bring solace with his background score. Dialogues by Era Murugan are worth to listen. ‘Mathavanoda Bayam dan nambaloda Balam is one of the highlights.Selva’s art works are authentic

Songs and Music
Yuvan has worked really hard to move the story forward. However, the song picturization and placements further drag the movie. When the movie is moving at turtle speed in the second half, the director decides to introduce the slow song “Idhayam” picturized in ultra-slow motion with Parvathy Omnakuttan running endlessly in a beach.
People who watch the movie after the first day may not get to see this song. This song is a strong candidate for deletion by resident editors at local theatres. There is a newly inserted song in foreign language which sounds good for first listen.

It is a triucky tale for the story is wafer-thin. But Chakri has ensured that events unfold at quick pace. Sadly more brawny and less brainy, Billa 2 sparkles in moments. It is a thorough entertainer for Ajith fans.


Ajith’s performance
Era Murugan’s dialogues
RD Rajasekar’s camera
Yuvan’s Music

No logic
Too much action

Final Word:To conclude, Billa 2 will please hardcore action fans and Ajith fans in particular. The emotional connect goes down thanks to a laborious second half. But, the idea of making a prequel and the grand scale of the movie make sure that the movie isn’t a tiresome experience either. Given the expectations, somehow you feel that the end product hasn’t been delivered.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Billa 2 Movie Overseas Review Dubai, Srilanka

Billa 2 all Website Ratings, Billa 2 national media ratings, Billa 2 Overseas Publick Talk, Billa 2 Review from Abroad,Billa 2 Overseas Review (Dubai, Srilanka), Billa 2 Fans Review in Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka, USA, UAE As expected the story

As expected the story about on How the Refugee turning out as a Don. The first few minutes of the movie touching the srilkan refugee issue which is really gonna create a impact among tamilians and gonna create a new market for Ajit in NRI Area Its really gonna be a electrifying for fans whenever Ajith appearing in a screen. As usual Ajith carried himself superbly throughout the film. Especially the stunt sequences are rocking.

This film really gonna take Ajith to next level in his career. Once again this movie expected to break all the collections of Kollywood.

Like Mangatha for VP, For Chakri this gonna create a good place in Tamil Cinema
Technically the film is outstanding.

Finally this film is not only a treat for Ajith fans but also for Tamil Cinema Lovers. For the persons whoever booked the tickets in advance,it wont disappoint you for sure.

  • Ajith Kumar’s style
  • Good story
  • good characterisation
  • songs
  • action sequences
Negatives :
  • So far we haven’t recieved any
Stay Tuned for more Updates…

Mega Star Chiranjeevi Comments on Rajamouli

Compliments are showering on director SS Rajamouli for his recently released film 'Eega'. Rajamouli received a special appreciation from star director Shankar the other day when the later has seen the
movie in Chennai and felt that the film is technically brilliant.

But the biggest compliment was given to Rajamouli by none other than Mega Star Chiranjeevi. Actor turned politician Chiranjeevi said that 'Eega' is the pride of Telugu film industry. Rajamouli informed this news on this twitter account stating “Chiranjeevi garu called. Boy am I thrilled!!!

Actually he texted me 2 days back frm a new number and I ignored it thinking it was some fake name. I felt very bad but he just brushed it off. "eega is the pride of TFI" are his words.. Flying higher and higher...:) ”. So, a call from Chiranjeevi made this 'Eega' director to fly higher and higher.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jr Ntr's Filmnagar Office Attacked

Jr NTR's filmnagar office has been attacked and defaced by unidentified persons yesterday mid-night. As reported, the mob has pelted big stones and destroyed the furniture including a vehicle parked over
there with sticks.

No one were present at the office and the mob has slipped off within no time, says reports . So far, there is no official statement from Jr NTR's office on this incident. The present state of politics might be the reason behind this attack, says sources. Couple of days ago, NTR has addressed the press in the same office on his close aide Kodali Nani's political move. Currently, Jr NTR is in Italy shooting for his new movie 'Baadshah'.

Prabhas Rebel Movie Helicpoter Fight Scenes Shooting at RFC

Rebel Star Prabhas's upcoming Rebel Movie Directed by Lawrence. Rebel movie is currently being shot at Ramoji Film City and special helicopter fight sequences are being canned there.

 Shooting will continue for a few more days at the location. ‘Rebel’ is being directed by Lawrence and Tamanna is the heroine in the film. Deeksha Seth will be seen as the second lead.

The movie is being produced on a big scale jointly by J.Bhagawan and J.Pulla Rao. Music is being composed by Lawrence himself after Thaman walked out of the project. ‘Rebel’ is being targeted for an
August release and the film has been delayed for a long time now.

Rajamouli Says No Direction To Big Heros Like Chiranjeevi

Ace Director Rajamouli in the Eega success tour  in Warangal stated that he will not direct the flms of Big heroes like chiranjeevi....Rajamouli wants to direct small heroes like Nani etc...

He further said ,If Chiranjeevi's 150th movie comes to the floor and in case if they ask to direct the film, then i would  support the script.

Ajith's Billa 2, David Billa Movie Tickets Online Booking Started

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Pawan Kalyan To Play Star T20 in Vizag

Is Power Star Pawan Kalyan playing in star T20 cricket? Yes, says the buzz.Power Star Pawan Kalyan who has set box-office on fire with his recent release 'Gabbar Singh' is going to entertain as a cricketer too.

Money collected through this star cricket match will be donated to orphans, disabled and blind people. Sources says, Pawan Kalyan has immediately agreed for the event when he has come to know that
the entire amount will be donated for a good cause.

Organisers have planned to start the event on July 16 and several political leaders and film celebrities are expected to attend this event.

Rajamouli's Team Planning for Eega Sequel

After the unanimous and overwhelming success of the film ‘Eega’, the makers of the movie and team Rajamouli are reportedly considering the idea of making a sequel. Apparently, the idea came up during a
recent meeting and a feasibility study is being conducted about the same.

While the idea is still a very early stage, both D.Suresh Babu and Sai Korrapati are said to be extremely pleased with the idea of a sequel.

With a 3D release planned later this year and Rajamouli’s next commercial commitment in the works, it will be interesting to see where “Eega 2′ might fit into the scheme of things. For now, we are excited by
the prospect of ‘Eega 2′. What do you say folks?


Jr Ntr's Baadsha is New Story: Kona Venkat

Jr Ntr Baadshah Movie, Baadshah Movie Updates, Baadshah Movie Latest News, Telugu Baadshah Movie, Baadshah Movie Pics, Baadshah Movie Images, Baadshah Movie Photos, Jr Ntr Kajal Baadshah Stills, Kajal Jr Ntr Photos, Director Srinu Vytla, Baadshah Movie Cast, Baadshah Movie Story, Ganesh Babu Producing, Jr Ntr Latest Photos, Jr Ntr Baadshah Movie Pics, Jr Ntr Baadshah Movie Images, Jr ntr Baadshah Movie

Jr.NTR and Kajal Agarwal's forthcoming movie Baadshah has started its regular shooting from today, 9th July in Italy. Kona Venkat clarifies that the story of Baadshah is a brand new story being written by him
along with Gopi Mohan for Jr.NTR.

A section of media are reporting that, Baadshah is the remake of Bollywood blockbuster Singh is King, which is now rubbished by script writer Kona Venkat. Clarifying the news he tweeted, “BAADSHAH is a
fresh brand new story being written by me & Gopi Mohan. It has no resemblances to any other film. It's not even inspired from any film of any language. Any news or gossip regarding the story is a mere

Srinu Vytla is wielding the megaphone for Baadshah and he is set to shape up the film in his style with the right mix of action and entertainment in the exotic locales of Italy. A Mumbai based stylist is roped in
for Jr.NTR’s look in the film, Thaman is scoring tunes while script and dialogues are by Gopi Mohan and Kona Venkat .Ganesh Babu will produce Baadshah under Parameswara Arts banner.

Prince Mahesh Babu Comments on Rajamouli Eega

When it comes to appreciating other films, prince Mahesh Babu will always stand right up there. The superstar never hides his emotions and always expresses his joy whenever any Telugu film impresses

After admiring Siddharth's "Love Failure", Mahesh Babu has showered praises on director Rajamouli's recent release Eega. The actor took to his micro-blogging site to share his views about Eega. He said
Eega is one of the greatest films ever made in the Telugu film industry and congratulated the Rajamouli for his directorial skills.

Eega will stand out as 1 of d greatest films ever made in the Telugu film industry. Take a bow ssrajamouli:)congratulations to the entire team (sic)", posted Mahesh Babu. The star actor also praised
Sudeep's performance and described it as outstanding "A special mention needs 2b made for sudeep's performance...outstanding!!!".


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